Bike Rack - Van or Truck Mount

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What happens when a few engineers aren't satisfied with the way their fancy bikes travel in their fancy trucks? Well, they come up with a fancy rack! The over the tailgate method is quick and easy, but the wear and tear adds up. Scratches on the bikes and dents in the tailgate are not cool. We wanted a simple way to throw our bikes in the back of the truck without removing the front wheel. We also wanted a rack that was precision machined to hold and protect our bikes, quickly, simply, and with no wear parts. 

After more than year of testing, multiple prototypes, material changes, clamping mechanism, geometry, processing, and mounting changes we have a product that we are truly proud of. We manufacture these racks at our in-house machine shop in Southern California. All material is USA sourced, and all processing is locally sourced as well. 

Along the way, we realized that this was a great solution for the van life crowd, and we were able to integrate our fork mount into the mounting of the rack itself. If you have a van with L track in the floor, you can now use our fork mount as the attachment point for the rack. This means tool-less install and removal in seconds. There are also various mounting solutions for trucks. Please email for exact model fitments while we continue to update the website.

Works with:

  • Smartfloor