Brake Levers for TRP DH-R Evo

Metallic Flake Powdercoat
Champagne Gold
Stealth Grey
Polished Silver

$119.00 USD

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TRP makes a premium product, and the DHR-Evo brake is the best of the best. This brake was designed with a reach that is farther away than the average mtb brake. We have noticed that this causes arm pump and fatigue, especially on race runs and longer enduro stages. Our lever moves the lever position about 12mm closer to the bar and has an even more aggressive curve that feels like it was made for your finger. This lever is a direct replacement for the levers on any of the TRP "Evo" series of brakes. Now with added texture for your finger.

Sold in pairs, and available in raw polished finish, black, blue, orange, red, purple, and metallic flake powdercoat. 

Quick install video: