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We have been working on an update to this rack for a while now and we really appreciate everyone's patience. This updated rack will have the following features:

  • 30% stiffer than the previous rack
  • More mounting options to your adventure vehicle
  • Able to mount on east/west or north/south mounted L track
  • Easily installed and removed without tools
  • Works with up to 3" wide tires
  • Compatible with bikes from 20" tires, up to 29" 

After more than a year of testing multiple prototypes, material changes, clamping mechanisms, geometry, processing, and mounting changes we have a product that we are truly proud of. We manufacture these racks at our in-house machine shop in Southern California. All material is USA sourced, and all processing is locally sourced as well. MORE PHOTOS, VIDEOS AND DETIALS COMING SOON.

Works with:

  • Smartfloor
  • Any Logistics Track

VANBUILDERS! We are always looking to work with builders who, like us, put quality first. We build the best product possible to solve the needs of our customers. Send us an email and lets see how we can help you build the best solution possible for your clients!