Fork Mount - Adapters

15x110 (Boost)
15x100 (Non Boost)
12x100 (Road/Gravel)
9x100 (QR Skewer)
20x110 (Downhill)
15x150 (Fat Bike)
12x110 (E-Road)
9x135 (QR Skewer E-Bike)

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These adaptors allow you to run multiple types of forks using the any Freedom Coast Fork Mount. The adapters require no tools and allow you to change in seconds. If you are not sure which size adapter your bike would need, it is almost always noted on the axle or on the fork itself. When buying any of our fork mounts, they come with one set of adapters (which you choose when purchasing). If you need extra adapters you are in the right spot.

Here they are for reference:

15x110 - Boost spacing (mtb standard)

15x100 - Non Boost spacing (old mtb standard)

12x100 - all new road and gravel bikes with disc brakes

12x110 - e-road bikes

9x100 - quick release skewer (QR) - older bikes, some kid bikes

20x110 - Downhill (dual crown fork) 

*If you are unsure of your sizing, please measure first or send us a picture of the fork and axle.

Selecting Adapter Size: